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Fluctuating Ping

I have deployed a Zonedirector 1100 and 6 x zf7372 APs. The APs are connected to the same PoE switch as the ZoneDirector. APs are not configured for mesh mode. Signal coverage is good, but I am getting fluctuating pings when testing from various d...

Bandwidth tests with 7731 links

Hi guys, let me explain you this behavior with 7731 links. The scenario is a 3 kms link and I am performing zap for BW tests. Test1: one zap from A to B, b_thrput=104.3mbps Test2: two simultaneous zaps from A to B, b_thrput_zap1=103.2mbps and b_th...

How long will upgrade take?

Hi I am running Zone Director (3000) with version build 110 firmware and I am planning to upgrade to the latest version ( and just wonderd how long this would take. I know I have to upgrade to version 9.4.2 first so ineffect two ...