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Can R700 bridge to 7962

New Contributor
I'm looking to do the following

managed switch ---- R700 ---- wireless link---- 7962--- managed switch.

Will the R700 and 7962 bridge LAN to wireless?

Valued Contributor II
Hi John,

Not doable as you cannot make R700 or 7962 in a client mode. You would need MESH feature to do so and for that you would need controller.

Hope this

Valued Contributor II


Even if you have controller, it will not work, as ZF7962 and R700 is AC and Ruckus supports mesh only between similar radios (which makes a lot of sense, but sometimes is a limitation).

For such task you need ZF7731 kit, which will be cheaper than R700+Zf7962, but for you it probably is no help as you try to use already existing equipment. You can also replace EOL ZF7962 by R500, than with controller you can get mesh connection.