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ZD1106 with 8 ZF7372 the AP frequently disconnect every hour

New Contributor II
hi, i'm using ZD1106 with 8 zf7372 the AP frequently disconnect every hour.. error shows that all the AP heart beat lost.. any suggestion on this case?

Valued Contributor II
If all AP's are on switch, then check switch is not running into problem etc..
Check for power outages..
check in the AP support for the reason for AP reboot...

New Contributor II
the reason of AP reboot is " error heartbeat lost"
all the switch is running on Poe and the switch is specifically for AP only
the problem keep happening on peak hours 8 to 5 office hours.. 
i already upgrade the zd to latest version firmware..
please help.. 

Heartbeat loss is indication of potential network issue between AP/ZD.
Ensure that during peak hours switch is NOT failling...
During peak hours, run a ping test from laptop hooked to that same switch to controller and see how things..
Upgrading will NOT help unless its determined that code is causing problem..
btw how do you recover from the issue? do you reboot switch?

i recover it by reboot the ZD..
sometimes i need to reboot it 2 or 3 times to make all AP connected