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H500, R500 and R600

New Contributor III
What is the actual range does ZF H500 ,R500 and R600 covered ?

Contributor III
This depends heavily on the environment you are ploying the AP's in and the bitrate you are trying to achieve.

New Contributor III
ok ,but could you give me the range in the worst case !!

at what bitrate?

Valued Contributor II
I've seen my R600 cover 3000 sq ft in a midwest 2-story house with open floorplan construction (30mbit+ everywhere). I've seen the same AP cover less than 4 offices (~400 sq ft) in an office with lots of walls, narrow hallways, and 100+ competing neighbor APs (drops down to under 5mbit at those ranges).

It's a huge range and likely won't help to answer your question! What kind of environment are you deploying in, and what is your goal in terms of the speeds you deliver?