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P300 power consumption

New Contributor
According to zone flex P300 specs sheet, it uses PoE only. If I'm going to plan for solar power for this equipment, how can I calculate its the power consumption? and also voltage rating? do I need Solar power PoE switch?

Esteemed Contributor II
Solar charges a DC battery, then you need some kind of DC to AC tranceiver to power the PoE switch.
Maybe your local VAR or Ruckus SE has some experience/recommendations.

New Contributor III
When using solar power watch out for the DC coming out of the Battery as new batteries will provide up to 15~16VDC (Had to use a 12V regulator on the output of the battery).
As for a 12VDC/220VAC, No solar power company recommended that solution.

From a personal opinion, solar power is the last option that you should consider..