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Wireless clients not getting DHCP for guest VLAN

New Contributor
Zone director 1200
R710 AP's
Juniper Switches

Vlan 1 - management VLAN - no DHCP, everything is manual IP addresses.
I have VLAN 40 setup for internal network - DHCP on main server - wireless clients work
I have VLAN 30 setup for Guest network - DHCP on a Mac OSx server - wireless clients are not getting IP addresses from DHCP
If I hook the laptop I am using for testing into a port untagged to VLAN 30 using an ethernet cable, DHCP works and I get an IP address. 
AP's are in ports untagged to management (1) and tagged to 30 and 40.
ZD is in a port untagged to management (1) and tagged to 30 and 40 (I don't think I need the 30, 40 tags but added just in case)
DHCP server is in port untagged to 30.

If I do a ipconfig /renew on the laptop I do get a message that it is unable to contact the dhcp server, request has timed out.  What am I missing here?

New Contributor III
Hi Diane,

To help you out, we would need to know your topology a little better. More specifically, the R710AP port connected to the switch, is that a TRUNK port? Do you have two DHCP scopes defined in your DHCP server for each VLAN? In a typical scenario that involves segregation of VLAN, you would have an AP connected to a switch on a TRUNK port so that the switch can accept tagged frames. The fact that you connect the MAC OSx server to the switched untagged leads me to believe that there might be an issue with tagging along the path. Can you share your switch configuration and maybe some screenshot of your WLAN configuration with the VLAN configuration?

New Contributor
Figured out my problem

i have same problem as you, could you tell me how to solve it?