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Android and iPhone randomized macs causing d-psk woes

New Contributor II
For years, we've used a d-psk setup at one of our clients, with few-to-no hitches. Now, android 11 and ios 14 show up with their randomized mac addresses, and every day we hit our key limits on the ZD. These randomized MACs are getting a lot more common. Anyone have a workaround to keep using d-psk, or is that tech essentially on its deathbed now?

Valued Contributor
You can use group dpsk(for SZ) or shared dpsk(on ZD lasted version).

Interesting. I'll take a look. I'm on 10.1 right now and that appears to require 10.2 or 10.3, so it may be a couple days before I can try it out. Thanks!


Valued Contributor II
How do the Android ones work? On iOS, within the same SSID the MAC address stays the same. It’s meant to discourage fingerprinting the client across different networks.