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Will there be an update for existing ZonePlanner users to include the 802.11ac products?

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Will there be an update for existing ZonePlanner users to include the indoor and outdoor 802.11ac products and the R & T product lines? How will we get that update? When can we expect it?

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Hello Drew, this is a good question which product manager shall answer.
As per the process, when you buy airmagnet Ruckus planner, you got to register that on Airmagnet website which lets you in and allow you to download the setup whichever is latest with updates.

I am not sure if any update has happened on Zoneplanner yet so check your current version and look at airmagnet account at

The latest version for your ZonePlanner is Build 25989


PS: I am not using airmagnet Ruckus Zoneplanner

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Hi Drew,

R300 & R700 ones seem to be available from support portal from the link below:

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Thanks for the responses. I am running the current build and have downloaded the ant patterns for r300 & r700. It looks like these are just ant patterns and don't take into account channel sizes for 802.11AC as well as any the new FCC frequencies in 5150-5250.

Is this product going to continue to be supported by Ruckus or should I just do the obvious and purchase AirMagnet or Ekahau directly?

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Airmagnet planner ver 8.6 support 802.11ac.

Ruckus Planner's release notes on Airmagnet suggests that it's based on 8.2.

Have you had a chat with Ruckus support?