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Ruckus R500 firmware v100. has no set/get band-steering option?

New Contributor II
I've got a lone R500 I'm trying to configure band-steering on but with the latest firmware there is no set/get band-balancing from CLI.

If I downgrade to 9.8, there is a set/get band-balancing from CLI, but no matter what I set the 2.4 or 5 radio RSSI to via set band-steering wlanX my iPhone 6 always prefers the 2.4 band. (same for other wifi clients)

I have a ticket on this, though I can't see it in my support portal for some reason.

Esteemed Contributor II

Without clear troubleshooting to say it's not your client, you can try using published details on band-steering options.  I can say however, that the band-steering in 9.8 standalone AP code did not have all commands implemented correctly (ER-2078).

Here's the command syntax that should work:

rkscli: set band-balancing
parameter error
Usage: set band-balancing {options}
                  -- {|all} {enable|disable}
                  -- {|all} rssi
                  -- percent
                  -- minsta
                  -- mesh-ap {enable|disable}

rkscli: set band-balancing wlan9 enable
rkscli: get band-banlancing wlan9
Command is not recognized: get band-banlancing wlan9

rkscli: get band-balancing wlan9
Band Balancing:
         wlan9:  Enable
         RSSI Threshold: wlan9, 20
         Band Balancing Percent: wifi1, 0
         MinSta Threshold: AP, 10
         Under Mesh AP : Off

New Contributor II
I'm being told by my support rep that the R500 does not have band steering enabled y et.

set band-balancing wlan9 enable gives a syntax error.

New Contributor II
Even more troubling is the 100.1x branch doesn't even HAVE get/set band-steering.. it's just GONE.

Esteemed Contributor II