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ZD: Checking the software version of all connected AP

New Contributor II
After performing an upgrade for ZD, i.e. 9.8 to 9.9, how can I find out that all connected APs were upgraded properly?

The "Export to CSV" function found on the Monitor page does not include this information.

Valued Contributor
A simple answer (not quite what you are after) is that they would not connect properly if they hadn't upgraded. So you know they have upgraded because they are working!

As soon as ZD firmware is upgraded it will send the new firmware to all APs and force them to restart. 
Any not taking the firmware correctly will be seen/discoverable by ZD but will not work as APs on your Wifi network.

Once the ZD is upgraded only APs at same firmware revision are allowed to operate.

On a small network (mine for instance - I can see the state of all 25 APs easily) but on much bigger deployments then eyeballing is not so easy.

You could use a syslog server and capture system events and export from there. A bit of interrogation would then produce the relevant events (firware upgrades of APs) you require. A bit of time/effort to set up.

An extra column in the APs info pane referring to f/w version would allow your export option to work but as with my first comment they are either at same level as ZD or they don't it's sort of redundant.

New Contributor II
Ok, thanks! Good to know that it should work automatically with no manual interaction needed!

I checked the event log right after upgrading the ZD (Upgrade with Smart Redundancy works perfectly) and did not see any upgrade activity of the APs. The ZD upgrades were logged, so at least I knew that filtering the log returned some results.

I was looking for a tabular overview to avoid the need for checking all APs one after another. If it is like all APs connected are running the right version I am fine without such a list.

Now don ́t forget to upgrade the spare APs so they are ready to use, just in case...

Esteemed Contributor II

APs always compare their running image to the version on the ZoneDirector, and will upgrade/downgrade to the ZD's version.  Be sure then, that the ZD release supports all models of access points.

The Monitor/Access Points page will show if all your APs are in Connected state, and if you click any AP MAC address the AP details will show the firmware running on the AP.

In the virtual SmartZone platform, SCG/vSZ-H which support multiple tenant domains, can have different AP versions.  You view the AP Zones, click on the AP Zone to drill down, to see the AP version (and a button to change it if desired).

Thanks Michael, had forgottten about the details page for APs by clicking on MAC address.