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Why the dual NICs on the R600 and T301 AP's

New Contributor III
Evening folks 🙂

I am deploying a number of R600s and T301s around a client site. Thinking that I would be a clever dude and get the most out of my APs, I trunked 2 ports on my ProCurve switch and then plugged in cables to the APs. Well, long story short, I couldn't get my AP's to work correctly. I did a chat session with Ruckus TS and was told that neither of these AP's support LACP.

BTW, I have a SmartZone 100 and that doesnt support LACP trunking either.

So, I guess I really have 2 questions:

1) Why the 2 NIC ports on these APs

2) What is the best way to connect/setup these APs for the best possible throughput?

Thanks all!