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7372-E configuration Indoor multi rooms feeder/splitter/omni antenna installation

New Contributor
Like to have advices on CLI configuration for 7372-E indoor installation with multi rooms power splitter (large band 2.4/5.4Ghz) and omni antennas

New Contributor

I'd like to deploy 7372-E equipments with feeder lines and omni antenna in a small building where large wall (50cm concrete) and fire proof doors are present.

My idea was to bring feeders from AP to the rooms by putting some power splitter (3 ways) and bring 6 omni antennas in the 6 rooms.
The rooms are rather small <30 square meters max and the purpose of this wifi is coverage for 1 or 2 mobile connection.
I need to respect the EIRP indoor in 2.4Ghz and 5.4Ghz (based on the cable/splitter loss and antenna Gain 2.4G=100mw and 5.4G=500mw)

1rst question:

Can i configure different ext antenna gain on ANT 1 and ANT2 in both 2.4GHZ and 5.4GHZ ?

2nd question:

Isolation between antenna will be greater then 30dB, must i deactivate MIMO, are shall i leave the AP deal with this isolation between ANT1 and ANT2?

3nd question:

If i need a small outdoor coverage in front of this building, can i use one of the splitted RF acces of the AP to install to install a panel antenna.

I'm conscience that the small gain of the bi-band omni 5/7dBi antennas, and the feeder loss will reduce my coverage zone.

Hope i'm clear enough, thanks by advance for the help!