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What is the password for ssid after factory reset on R510?

New Contributor II
I have an R510 that was originally Unleashed, then flashed to run on my Cloud WiFi network and have now removed the unit from the network.  I'd like to flash this back to Unleashed and have done a factory reset by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.  I now see the configure.meXXXXX SSID but it's asking for a network password to connect to that SSID.  Is there a default password?  I thought that there wouldn't be a password requirement at all.

New Contributor II
I'll have to try that and report back.  thank you for the suggestion.

Hi Kay,
You can connect to the AP SSID with the following credentials: SSID Configure.Me-xxxxxx and PSK Key: AP S/N.

Hi Vince, I entered the S/N as the password for the Unleashed R610. It will not let me in. I connected to via GUI and factory reset from there as well. It looks like the unleash image is installed as I'm not seeing many configuration options. Any ideas?

New Contributor II
That worked,  Was able to upload latest R510 unleashed image and access admin panel.  thank you for your help!

I have an R720, the pc is connected to the SSID: Configure.ME-2E0590, but can not access, do you have any suggestions?