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Way should i bother upgrade ZF7372 to

New Contributor II
Ruckus can't supply release notes for a regular user.
If i known this before we decided to go for ZF7372 i should have look for other products.

Never seen this kind of weak support model.

Kind regards,

An "Island" SSID in the air means you have isolated Mesh APs that can't reach the ZD. This is a temporary state as they repeat a reboot and trying to find it.

Here is the method to access the AP to try and recover it with a WPA-PSK.

1. Configure your laptop with a 169.254.1.x IP address (anything but .1).

2. Connect to the Island SSID, PSK = "ruckus-"

If your ZD's admin password is R&6Ku$, this psk would be 'ruckus-R&6Ku$' (without quotes)

3. Use putty to SSH to, login with ZD admin credentials, and
issue 'set director ip a.b.c.d' and 'reboot' commands, (where a.b.c.d is your ZD's
IP address)

2. Connect to the island SSID, PSK = "ruckus-".

Number 2, connect to the island ssid with a PSK equal to "ruckus-" followed by the ZD admin password (two attempts above deleted the zd admin pw part).

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"island" implies mesh, which isn't a standalone mode of operation, right? I presume because he's loading 100.x.x and doesn't have premium support, it means he doesn't have a ZD?

My standalone ZF7372 running is also broadcasting an island-NNNNN SSID, even though it's never meant to be in a mesh configuration 😕

Any update on the mysterious island-* SSIDs on non-mesh/standalone APs? FWIW, there’s no mention of this in the Release Notes.