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Way should i bother upgrade ZF7372 to

New Contributor II
Ruckus can't supply release notes for a regular user.
If i known this before we decided to go for ZF7372 i should have look for other products.

Never seen this kind of weak support model.

Kind regards,

Hi Beppe,

It is available on the support site .


Valued Contributor II
Are you able to access the release notes for ZoneDirector 9.9? I don't recall if that's premium or not.

I believe the 100.x.x release notes are mistakenly marked as Premium Support, but there's really not much useful information in it, and you have to refer to the what's new documents for 9.9 to understand the changes.

Concretely, I am aware that they fixed band balancing behavior for standalone on 100.x but not on 9.9.x.

Note that in most cases, opening a support ticket with an explanation of why you need access will get you access. That helped me a lot when I was a standalone-only customer.

New Contributor II

MUnish:Only "Premium Support" as John says.

John: There aren't any 9.9 release notes available. I use it in standalone setup.
Sorry for being so harsh, it might just be a mistake.
Have to put on my humble hat =O)

For no known good reasons I updated one of them,
and I suddenly have a "island-1C98A0" SSID on both bands from the update.

The "Band Balancing" sound like a realty nice feature.

Please share the documentation, it's very unprofessional to not know whats going on and assume what's new and how it effects our infrastructure.

Kind regards,

I've seen the "island-..." SSID too. Weird!