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Update failed after migrating R500s to a vsg 3.0

New Contributor
I'm attempting to migrate some Ruckus r500s from a zd1100 to a vsg I was able to get them added , I did set the scg2lwapp access list to accept all. However, when I add them to an AP zone all of them state their configuration status as 'update failed'. Factory defaulting them and re-adding them seem to work but I'd prefer not to do that. I'd like to retain their IP and Location information at the very least. Can this be done? Any suggestions?

New Contributor
Hi David. As far as i know you can backup the config of ZD and upload it to vSCG - this would retain all the configuration. Have a look on this document from ruckus:
After importing ZD backup to vSCG you can choose which AP needs to be managed by vSCG.

New Contributor
This is very useful, thank you.

New Contributor
When I migrated from a ZD to vSCG I had three Access Points that seemed to migrate properly; however, they wouldn't deploy WLANs so I factory reset them and that seemed to correct the issue.  I had one that I had to put the stand alone software on first and then was able to successfully re-join.  These were however, the exception - the rest of my 25 APs migrated without issue.