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VoIP roaming between R500 and R550

New Contributor

We are facing issues with dropping calls on Ascom i63 phones connected to Ruckus Wi-Fi. In the building there is a combination of H500, R500 and R550 AP's. Connected to Smartzone controller with 2 AP groups. Latency is through the roof. VoIP devices are connected to a dedicated SSID. What could be the issue/solution?



Hi @Procon 

Is the issue only Limited to VoIP devices ? Other SSID's on same APs provide seamless roaming to other users/devices ? For such kind of issue we initially can play with enabling smart roam for that specific SSID and also BSS-minrate, but if that doesnt help we would need to enable debug logs from AP CLI and root shell , additionally we need OTA to understand the RSSI at which a client is joining or trying to join another AP as it moves. Can you share one of your AP support to validate the existing WLAN BSS-minrate and Smart roam value if kept anything ? 

Best Regards