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Ruckus R550 can server 512 concurrent users

New Contributor

Please explain in detail how I can use the Ruckus R550 AP for 512 concurrent users, I have 500 devices on the floor with wifi device connecting to 1 AP mounted on the cieling of the shop floor. All 500 devices will comunicate to the server thru this 1 AP. Is it possible to configure the AP so that it can provide the DHCP IP for all 500 devices. Awaiting a good solution for R550 AP later I will choose the AP which supports 1024 concurrent users



I would say it is unreasonable loading "upto 512"... , not least due to the "air time" required for 512 concurrent users, plus the ports are  2*1GbE, so that's not a lot of bandwidth per client.

you do of course know that 512 client cannot connect to the AP at the "same time", they are on a time sharing system, it's 1 device per radio, per airtime slot, go look at the impact of that sort of loading, based on the airtime of 1 packet per radio.


Not least of which you have given no details on the address mapping......

like is it strictly ipv4 or ipv6