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VLAN configuration for ZoneFlex 7372 and ZD

New Contributor II
Hello there,

I have configured 2 SSIDs/WLANs on my ZoneDirector, one which belongs to the native VLAN, and a test 'guest' WLAN which is tagged against a guestwifi VLAN on the network.

When trunking the switch port for which the AP is connected to, despite trunking the port to carry traffic for both the native and guestwifi VLAN, I suddenly lose all connection to the AP, and it is no longer contactable on the network. What have I not done correctly? All ports, VLANs and corresponding trunks have already been configured successfully.

It's almost as if the AP doesn't understand what to as soon as the switch port it is connected to, becomes a trunk port. Is there something I need to do on the AP, to tell the active ethernet port to recognise all VLAN traffic which has been directed towards it?

Many thanks.

New Contributor II
The resolution came when I removed the native/default VLAN out of the trunking mix. The additional VLANs were left included within the trunked port for which the AP is connected to at the switch. All SSIDs and their corresponding VLANs are leasing correct IPs for their respective ranges from DHCP, to include the SSID linked to the native/default VLAN. Fantastic!

New Contributor

I have a similar setup and running into the same problems you were.  Would you be able to give some more detail on what you did to get things working? Did you trunk ZoneDirector controller or leave it as an access port?  

New Contributor II
Hi Mark. I never did anything concerning switch ports for the ZoneDirector itself. I did think about trunking the port it is connected to, following reading that several other people had done this. In our case it wasn't necessary, and its port type is as default.