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Some network cards don ́t work with zonedirector 1100 and zonflex 7372

New Contributor
Hi. We just put to work a zonedirector 1100 with zoneflex 7372 AP ́s , the security for now is WPA2 with AES. We have six desktops with tp-link ́s tl wdn4800 net cards. All of them give the error "repeatedly fails authentication when joining WLAN" on the zonedirector side and "incompatible password key" on the client side.
They where working when we put a standalone zoneflex 7372 , for testing, with almost the same parameters.
We created a open wlan, without security and they work just fine.
We already tried to fix a wireless chanell for both 2.4 and 5 ghz, and tried to fix channelization for both of them, tried to work with only one off them at a given time, and nothing seems to work.
Other devices are working just fine. We only have this issue with the tp-link ́s wdn 4800, and this occur with Windows 7 and Windows XP OS ́s.
Thanks in advice.

Valued Contributor
If you capture the frames between the cards and the AP, you can see at which point the association fails and if it fails at the AP or at the client.

Have you tried changing the driver for the cards?