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Using multiple R310's with R500?

New Contributor II
I am researching hardware before purchasing. Attempting to replace a network in a large home. I'm planning to use four R310's and one R500. I plan to set this up with Unleashed. Will these AP's work together? Will Unleashed support this? Can I include one R310 completely wireless, without an ethernet connection? I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you.

May I tag onto this? I'm considering a similar setup but I'm less experienced wth IT. I have wired ethernet throughout my home so I can plug my AP's into ethernet. But I'm wondering how I set up the Master AP. I'm assuming that I wire the cable modem to the AP with an ethernet cord. Do I then need to also wire the AP to my switch so that the wire ethernet throughout the house is getting the AP network instead of the cable modem/router network? 

Hmmm... I would have assumed that the modem/router connects directly to your switch. Then, all AP's connect to your switch. However, the diagram on page 5 of this datasheet makes me think that you've got it correct.

@Brian Burns - When you configure the first Unleashed AP you have the option to make it the Master, so any further APs connected pull their configuration from that AP. However with Unleashed; should the 'Master AP' become disconnected, a new 'Master AP' will automatically be elected by the surviving Ruckus APs.

@Brian Burns - How did it go? Did you have success with wiring the Master AP directly to the Router? Or were you able to wire it to the switch with the rest of the AP's?

Thanks again for your help. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out how to correctly set up using Ruckus. No fault of the product, purely my inexperience with networking. I wound up going with a Unifi system simply because I was able to find more step by step instructions for a beginner like myself.