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Ruckuss P300 compare with Huawei AP8150

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I am undecided between two antennas.
Ruckuss p300 difference between Huawei AP8150.

Which antenna is better quality ?
Which antenna package loss less?


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Hi Seckin.
What is your use case? the two APs are different enough that I'm curious as to how you might use them.
Thank you,

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i want to buy two antennas.120 meters between two buildings.I will put the antennas to two buildings.I've been using ruckuss p300 for 4 years.
Speedflex values are ; from root to non-root 225Mbps... From non root to root  285Mbps.No package loss.I am very pleased.
But i bought four sfp module.Huawei support Sfp input socket,but ruckuss didnt support.
If I buy  the Huawei and position it in the same place,Speedflex vaules are increase ?
Would I have seen almost 500-600  Mbps?
And am i package loss by huawei.?
Shortly; Huawei ap8150 or ruckuss ? 
i don't want to regret
Which is better

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Please help me

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Have you tested the Huawei unit? Have you tried using iPERF3 to run your tests across your bridge? i'd be curious to see if that 225Mbps figure increased somewhat. For what it's worth, i'd consider possibly adding a second set of p300's over a bridge you already know has packet loss. using STP to either balance out your load, or failover if one bridge should falter might be better. one question i would ask, what is your link utilization also, are you needing 600Mbps?