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Using Ruckus R700 Access Point with a Wi-Fi repeater/extender

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I understand that a Wi-Fi repeater/extender is not the best way to do things, but occasionally it will solve a certain unique problem.  In my set up, I have 5 Ruckus R700 Access Points.  The set up procedure for the Wi-Fi zone repeater/extender is not difficult, the entire set up procedure worked perfectly with no glitches. However, when I try to connect to the OBRO WiFi extender, (has good reviews) my iPhone/iPad says "No Internet connection".

Could there be any kind of a setting that could be blocking the Ruckus Access Point from passing through data coming from the WiFi extender?

Thank you for any suggestions.



Hi Dan,

Check if WDS is enabled or not.

Wireless Distribution System(WDS) can be Enabled or Disabled by using the following CLI commands for an AP

  • Use the command below to check if WDS is Enabled or Disabled 

             get wds-mode <wlan name>  ( eg - rkscli:get wds-mode wlan0 )

  • Use the command below to Enable or Disable WDS

            set wds-mode {enable|disable} <wlan name>
                      ( eg- rkscli:set wds-mode disable wlan0 )

NOTE: By default WDS is enabled on APs.

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