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Upgrade ZD-connected AP firmware to vSG firmware?

We are trying to migrate a small (13 AP) deployment from a tired old ZD1100 to vSZ. I have read the migration guide on migrating a ZD setup to vSZ, but this seems like overkill for our needs since we want to significantly change the config of the vSZ vs. the ZD anyway and start out fresh... I was hoping that I could do "one AP at a time" by giving it new firmware (thus removing it from the ZD) and pointing it at the new vSZ, but I can't find any information on that procedure...

Maybe because it's impossible? But I wanted to ask just in case. The migration guide is way complicated and makes sense for a large deployment where you want to keep everything the same, but that doesn't describe us.

Thank you! I think that will work great for my needs.

Valued Contributor
Yo must factory-reset to ZD-connected AP.

Otherwise, The ap will fail to up-to-date with SZ.


Just wanted to circle back to say thanks again for all of the help. Factory defaulting each AP and pointing it at the vSZ has worked very well.