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IOS devices cannot register device to the wireless network

New Contributor II
We have a zonedirector 1200 ( build 28) and ruckus zoneflex 600 AP's. We want the teacher in our school to register their device with zero-it. This works well for all android and windows devices, but for most IOS devices this does not work. When they get to the 'zero-it portal site' and click register device, nothing happens. When we try to 'bypass' the portal site by going to, they can enter the username and password. But again nothing happens. Any ideas ? 

Esteemed Contributor II
CNA Bypass?

New Contributor II
Does not help, still nothing happens when we click on register device. (clicking on guest acces works)

New Contributor II
OK, found the problem.
The newest version of ios (10.2.1) blocked our certificate. We reseted the certificate to default and everything works again.

Where did you reset the certificate? At the ZD controller or at the IOS devices?
What kind of certificate are you using?