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R500 Zone Flex Speed Issues

New Contributor
I have a Zone Director 1100 (I know un-supported) with 3 zf7363 and 1 R500 in my office for AC speeds. 

I have a 1GB Download Fiber link, with 100 Upload.   On hard wire they are true, and damn near on the nose.  

I use a Mac Book Pro 2013 Edition. 

I also tested with an iPhone 7 Plus. 

Typical Download speed is just under 100MB and upload is a little higher but not above 100 MB.  It's not a show stopper, just one of those things I am curious as to why I am not getting better throughput.

The zone director and AP's and generally basic, WPA2 and AES (I've understood TKIP is slower). 

I've set no restrictions on speed on the main WLAN, the guest is limited.  

This is residential also, not business so its really myself. 

Any ideas why at least on the R500 I am not getting something over 100MB.  I can understand the others on the G band.   But not the R500 on AC, which I confirmed I am on.   5GHZ at 80 MHZ??

Any help appreciated.

New Contributor III
Hi David,

On the macbook, can you press and hold the left ALT key on the keyboard while you click on the wifi logo in the right top bar?

There you will get a lot of additional info about the wifi connection of your macbook. 

Check the RSSI, Noiselevel, TX-Rate, PHY-mode and MCS index. 

Also, if you can, use a wifi-scanner on your phone for example to check of nearby wifi networks interfere with yours.

Just an additional thought: You didn't connect your AP to a 100mbit port right?

This will likely give you a good start to a solution.