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Upgrade R700 fw as standalone with there any issue if connect to old ZD 1106 later?

New Contributor II

I got 2 AP R700 which are currently on software version &

These 2 AP are currently work as standalone AP which are not connected to ZoneDirector.

I would like to upgrade to the latest fw v110.

My question is:

1. can i upgrade directly to the newest firmware?
2. In future, if i would like to connect to ZD (ZD 1106) will it face any issue because the ZD version is build 84 while latest fw AP is v110.

Any input is much appreciated.

Thank you.

New Contributor III

Any reason to work them as a standalone ?
I'm using number of R700s and R720s together in single cluster with unleashed.
if you don't have a controller unleashed will give a better result. 

New Contributor II
is it a temporary setup since all other equipment are not yet arrived.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Saiful,

Standalone APs can be upgraded to any version. There is no upgrade path for standalone APs.

If you connect them to a ZD, they will auto-upgrade/downgrade to the ZD's version. Just make sure that the AP model is supported in the ZD's current firmware.

- Anusha