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Converting an R500 AP to Unleashed R500

New Contributor II
I see posts that are 2 years old on this topic - so I am looking for affirmation that this is a pretty straight forward push of the unleashed code to a standalone R500. My scenario is is: I have a user with a single R500 in need of additional coverage, I plan to add a single R510 unleashed AP and then convert the stand alone unit to unleashed - creating a seamless WLAN. What are the 'gotchas' I need to be aware of? Appreciate the help!

New Contributor III
I typically factory reset the AP either before or after upgrading.  If you do it after, I'd recommend just SSH'ing to it and issuing the "set factory" command.  There are settings carried thru the conversion that sometimes give it odd behavior and it's best to start clean.  After that, add the additional units to get the config replicated.

Valued Contributor II

if i understand you correctly that your existing install is of 1 * R500 which you want to extend by putting another AP 1*R510 and you would like to use unleashed code.

there is no major challenge and would do it this way...

1) login into R500, upgrade it unleashed code (found on support website). Configure IP, GW, SM the way you want. Once up, test it real to see if it working the way you want or not... if all good, go to the step 2.
2) Bring up R510, login into it. Make sure Unleashed software version you have is same as your R500.. if not upgrade/dowgrade appropriately and then proceed. Once it is on correct version as R500, simply configure the IP, SM, GW & DNS as it was done for R500. Save & submit. Connect to network. Within matter of minutes, if all good, R510 will join the R500 and form a unleashed WLAN network as per configuration in R500

Best of luck..

New Contributor II
Thanks Guys - I'm onsite Tuesday - will let you know how it rolls out!

New Contributor II
Worked perfect! Updated to the unleashed code on the R500, created the Unleashed SSID - then brought the new unleashed R510 online - added it, they were at the same f/w. no hitches. Appreciate the insight!