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Can't use MAP find the AP.

New Contributor
Hello to All,

I'm newbie with ruckus and I am running on a ZD1200 with T300.

The problem I faced was that my company had a total of 35 T300 installations in large areas without maps created in ZD.

I need a way to find each AP. (My last company used ubiquiti's AP, and the locate function in AC can make the lights of the AP flash quickly and help me find the correct one very easily.)

Can you tell me which zd1200 firmware if that includes the AP locate feature?

If some version (I'll call it version x) have the similar functions, could you tell me if its recommended to go to version X?

I need a clear upgrade path guide from your professional advice.


Contributor III
You can enable/disable the LEDs on an individual AP or an entire group from the ZD.  However, seeing status lights on an outdoor AP may be difficult unless you do it after dark.  

A better way is to use an analyzer or survey program and record the radio macs for each AP.  
Filter to a single SSID, sort by RSSI, stand near an AP, record the radio mac of the strongest AP, repeat for all others.  The controller will show you ethernet macs for the AP which are different but similar to the radio macs.  You can then use the radio macs to figure out which AP is where. 

New Contributor
Thank you for the advice David, I think I need buy a telescope first. 🙂