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Unleashed VLAN on WLAN :)

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(I'm not sure about policy for reviving old threads, so instead of replying to this old thread,, I'm starting a new. Feel free to move it, if that's better.)

I'm new to Ruckus, just got my hands on a ZoneFlex R510.

It's running Unleashed and I'm trying to figure out if I can fit it into existing VLAN structure.

From the above mentioned thread/topic, it seemed it should work if I;

- Connected ethernet (Port 1 or 2) to a switch port configured to delived admin VLAN untagged and the other VLAN's tagged

So I did/tried to do this, and the Ruckus AP gets an admin IP on the network interface, so far so good.

Then configuring the SSID, I enter Advanced, then WLAN Priority and then enter my office VLAN number in the Access VLAN field.

Then it does not seem to work. (I get no DHCP offer through to my client on that WLAN.)

Something I'm missing?

How/where to debug?

My switch is a non-Ruckus switch, configured to deliver admin VLAN as untagged/PVID and three other VLANS as tagged to the Ruckus AP.

(If unleashed is not really up to VLAN'ing, should I use other firmware? What software/hardware/licence is required to manage this in another fasion/way?)


As it seems, just after posting, I realized the switch port (with it's ingress filtering on) was set to admit only untagged and priority tagged. As soon as I switched it to admit all it started working. 🙂


Good to know that you figured it out!

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This is typical thing with part of the switches -- it's not enough to add tagged VLANs to the port, you must allow them, otherwise they traffic is dropped.

I don't understand question about additional Management interface -- do you mean on AP? You don't need more than 1 IP on AP for sure...

@eizens_putnins Well, there's a separate setting where you can define a separate Admin IP and netmask (but no VLAN setting). Looks like it's meant for SNMP etc. But as there is no selection there or in the main IP address setting for VLAN, or to choose which ethernet port to use for regular and admin IP, I don't really understand the point of this admin IP setting ... (I'm sure it has it's use, even if I don't see what it is ...) 🙂

A slightly different issue I have now:

This is a non-unleashed AP (p/n starts with 901- and not 9U1-), but I figured that I wanted to try Unleashed first, so I downloaded and installed the unleashed firmware.

Then I thought I would go back and install and try out the standalone firmware for this R510. After searching the closest I find is Software Version, the title says it's for R550, but the text/tag includes R510. But the issue for me is that I need to be a Premium Support User* to download it. So, seems I'm stuck with Unleashed/won't be able to revert/switch back to standalone AP mode.(?)

(Unleashed version is 200.9.something ...)

* I'll try to check out what premium support user means. Not sure I qualify, as this AP, though new, had been in stock since 2018 before I got it with a nice rebate.

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1. For my understanding you should be able to download standalone firmware without premium status. Probably  syamantak_omer will be interested to look why everyting on portal start to be in unpublic part. I think it shouldn't be so.

  Anyway, standalone  is just a basic software, in practice mainly used as intermediate when converting between SZ, ZD and Unleashed firmwares. You'll have much less featurs in standalone mode.  If Unleashed works for you, stay with it...

By the way, if this AP was never registered, I think you can register it for warranty and get access: .

It is possible, that to access firmware you have to register your hardware, it makes sense actually.

2. You definitely  don't want to load different model firmware to your AP, as it will most probably permanently brick it and  even void warranty.Hopefully, AP are supposed to not allow loading wrong firmware file, but I know that it can be done, as I know user who bricked AP this way by mistake.

I don't believe R550 and R510 can share firmware, as R550 has different chipset, it is 802.11ax AP, when R510 is 802.11ac.

Correct link for latest R510 standalone firmware seems to be

Some standalone releases in the past were published as one big zip file, including firmware images for all supported APs, so you needed to download archive, expand it and find proper file, but this is not the case. Link for R550 firmware is so they are not the same.

Thanks again! 🙂 Great answers!

@eizens_putnins wrote:

Anyway, standalone  is just a basic software, in practice mainly used as intermediate when converting between SZ, ZD and Unleashed firmwares. You'll have much less featurs in standalone mode.  If Unleashed works for you, stay with it...

Being new to the Ruckus universe, trying to read up on the tech, reading this product guide, it looks like ZD/ZoneDirector is meant for 50-150 AP's. And then SZ/SmartZone for even larger deployments? (Not sure if SmartZone and RUCKUS Cloud is the same, or not related.) But I/we would probably be best served sticking with unleashed.

Only reason for testing standalone would be to check VLAN settings, and to see if there is more fine grained control of radio usage, channels etc. (Unleashed is hiding most advanced controls, it seems.)