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Need OID for WLAN service under AP Radio 802.11b/g/n

New Contributor

Looking to get the OID for the WLAN service

Need to be able to pull if it is disabled

Image_ images_messages_609be990a31fd9684f2b6d29_0ecaa157243172a7ebcc116e3bd7d1cc_WLANservice-d4a61317-a8ab-48d8-b1ed-5d1ff7e8524d-197918830.png

New Contributor II

I tried that, but when we did the snmp walkthrough, there are parts missing to get the specific info.

We are going to test iso. to see if this has the info we need. 

Didn't know if someone had the specific OID already verified.

Let me go ask someone smarter and see if he is around.

Just heard back from the smart guy and this was his response "I did not find an OID which simply says radio 'ON' or 'OFF'. But If I disable all wlan services for a radio, and try to get the current channel for that radio, the OID returns “0”. That’s an indication that the radio is off." I "think" this is the OID he is referring to. He wasn't testing on the model of AP you are so I'm not sure if this will work exactly, but hopefully, this helps.

Image_ images_messages_609d437e758f933b8d57d627_bef52a8dfa83f6720d6494a1f757ce1a_ScreenShot20210513at9.18.48AM-cbc288ec-3ad2-4480-be39-f3ae45c07df5-1669226240.png