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Unable to connect to R710 after factory reset

New Contributor II

Hi I factory reset a R710 AP and when I rebooted it I got the configure.meXXXXX SSID which requires a password.

I can connect to the configure.meXXXXX SSID wirelessly using the serial number of the AP as password but that's as far as I can get.

Both green PWR & CTL leds flash on AP.

I am unable to connect to it using via web browser. 

IP Scanner detects it at & open ports 22 & 443 andI can ping it..

Any advice appreciated.



Contributor II

Is it Unleashed?

Regardless, if you connect to Configure.Me SSID you should receive an address via DHCP on your client.  Then would connect to the gateway IP available which is the AP.

Flashing PWR light means the AP did not receive an IP address from DHCP and so it defaults to  You can connect to this IP through the wired port.  Connect your client to the switch and assign an IP like, then you can connect to the address via CLI or Web UI.

New Contributor II


thanks for prompt reply.

If I enter into browser I don’t get web UI with Ethernet to


That's odd - can you successfully ping the

If so, can you ssh in to the AP instead of HTTPs?

I reset to factory and rebooted but AP is the same.

I need to reinstall firmware ?