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New Contributor

hello, on Christmas, i bought used R700 from eBay, but seller did'nt reset this AP to factory settings, and it is locked to his user name and password, factory reset button did'nt do the job (even after holding the reset button for 15 to 30 seconds), at the moment this AP transmits some old SSID's etc.
Every time after restarting-reseting i see blinking "DIR" light on AP, does it means i can't reset AP without controler it was tied up?
Does RUCKUS forbid second life for old devices?


New Contributor

i'm newcomer on RUCKUS camp, i had plans to use R700 as standalone AP to extend existing home wi-fi network...


if that AP was connected to Rukcus Cloud, and is not removed, then a reset will not work, first step after booting is Ruckus Cloud check, and if that AP is registered at Ruckus Cloud, the AP will always connect to that

so ask te reseller is that is the case or not

thank you, Paul, very much, if i understand correctly: PWR "Solid green" The AP has received a local IP address from the DHCP server so Internet is ON, "DIR - Slow flashing green - The AP is disconnected from the Internet?" but there is interenet allready, maybe AP is not registred to Ruckus Cloud, how to check that? Seller buys theese items in auction, does'nt knows anything...

maybe, but no idea, maybe you can go to the support site from Ruckus and open a chat and ask if the can check if the AP is on Rukcus cloud, but no idea if they will do that of not...