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The first time with ruckus do wireless failure.

New Contributor III
At the beginning of the time to see ruckus said anti-interference and antenna and so much better than other products, but also a foreign year in the wireless aspects of the old brand, compared to China's wireless products is certainly a lot of good, but unfortunately not so, I bought the day before yesterday R600 to do the test, on the same environment, found ruckus even Chinese home tplink brand than, however, ruckus there are a variety of high latency, low signal, slow Internet access and so on, at the beginning I thought it was my own technology The problem, looking for a forum would like to seek technical help, consult the official hotline, I do not understand English, the consultation can speak Chinese, but can not, no one to help themselves, and later through their own debugging and the help of users debugging better, but Unfortunately, this product is found that this effect, really began to hold a great hope, and later to give me a very disappointing result, the customer can not meet, only ruckus removed.

As a Chinese did not think that China's product technology is much better than foreign, and this I was very shocked.

thank you all.

Esteemed Contributor II
Need to test in same environment with same clients, using Ruckus vs other brand AP.
Our adaptive antenna array and beamflex definitely provide better performance in general bake offs.
Must configure same RF channels on both APs too, not clear for one and interference for other, etc.

You say the ruckus is a really good test does not come out, the advantage of the antenna, with capacity of how good is a propaganda, I test several terminals at once tested this ruckus to what extent, but not that the use of high density, this is denied, the performance of ruckus and China only tens of dollars are the same, even worse, may China complex environment is more complex than you mild official, before you leave a message to me, I like to configure, and you're not exactly the same, I deliberately say ruckus

Hello Li,
    I know our local Ruckus representatives would be happy to assist you with further testing.
Do you have contact with your VAR or Ruckus System Engineer, so we can engage further?
Are you testing with just one Ruckus AP to one China mfgr AP?  I would like you to open a
case with Tech Support to help analyze your logs, etc?