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Is there any way to configure dynamic client isolation from a freeRADIUS server?

New Contributor III
I am transitioning from WPA2 Personal to WPA2 Enterprise. I love Dynamic VLANs, but there are some devices that I want to isolate from one another entirely and configuring a different VLAN at my router and switch for each to do isolation is a pain. I am thinking of making a second SSID for such devices so that I can enable client isolation on it, but that will likely require that I setup another RADIUS server. Even if it didn't require a different RADIUS server, it poses a pain should I ever want to move a device from a VLAN that uses client isolation to a VLAN that does not.

It occurs to me that this would be easier if there were some way to toggle client isolation on a per client basis at the RADIUS server that my Ruckus Zoneflex R710 running the standalone firmware understood. Is there a way to do that?