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Settings to maximize performance 2 x R610 running unleashed

New Contributor II
I am running 2 R610 with the unleashed firmware.  I am looking for the best settings to get the greatest bandwidth through the devices.  A plain vanilla install gets about 50 Mbps on 2.4 Ghz and about 160 Mbps on 5 Ghz.  This is in a residential setting with little to know interference.  Does anyone have any tips on the best settings to get these WAPs humming?

Case id was: 00862976

KBA-8555: What are Unleashed settings for Maximum client thoughput...  Will be visible on the Support portal after the next 6hr update period.

can you send me a copy.  I don't have premium support

=:^)   Did they offer you support where you bought your two Unleashed APs?

But please look under your Master AP settings, I think you have this feature.
Toggle your settings from "Optimize for..." and try Compatibility or Performance,
seems to be the best way to find your client optimal throughput settings.

Under System -> Country Code -> Channel Optimization.

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...and if you don't see this now, from System & Admin (Admin & Services in later releases) -> Administer -> Upgrade

you will see an upgrade method.  All but our first releases had Online Upgrade (Cloud) option, to latest release (no charge!).

We don't restrict our Unleashed knowledge base articles, nor firmware downloads:

but you need at least a "Guest" account on our Support portal, 

...which I assume you must have to be participating in the Forums?

I'm our company NPI engineer for Unleashed too, and I think it's a great small business/home user product.

PS. I reset the KBA-8555 permissions, which should have been Public, not Premium.

You'll see this after the next 6hr Support site update period.

This is great but you have it backwards.  The issue is that I had it set for performance initially, and it WASN'T performing.  When i switched to compatibility, that is when i got a huge boost in performance.  My message above is pretty clear, so not sure how that was missed.  But once again my experience with Ruckus tech support is pretty negative.