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Configuring a point to point bridge with 2 T301N AP's

New Contributor
I currently have an Extreme Networks wireless bridge in place but it continues to drop. My vendor consulted with his site survey guys and they suggested we use the T301N APs to configure the bridge.
I purchased the two T301Ns and assigned a static IP to each but can't for the life of me find where to configure the point to point bridge in the AP. The firmware is Does this functionality require a controller? I need to pass 2 vlans across the bridge to a switch with 1 PC a printer and a phone. The distance is about 100 yrds or so. If this works well I will be configuring another pair for our remote shipping facility. The areas in question have a clear LoS and very little noise. 

Valued Contributor
Hi Frank,

Have you considered installing Unleashed firmware on the T301N APs and setting the connection up as MESH?

Mesh is incredibly easy to configure on the Unleashed firmware and you will have a superior feature set with Uleashed than with the standalone firmware you're currently running.

You should also get superior performance and the Mesh is self-forming and self-healing.


Contributor III
If you just needed a bridge, a pre-provisioned pair of P300 bridges would have been a better solution. The bridge works out of the box and all you would need to do is change the admin login and if desired, assign static IPs. Standard T301n APs with Base 104 code and no controller do not support mesh. You can do what the previous reply suggested - convert to Unkeashed. To do that you need to login to the support site, download the Unleashed code for the 301n, convert both APs to Unleashed, connect one AP to the wired network and configure it as the Unleashed master, enable mesh, connect the 2nd AP to the same wired network so that it can join the Unleashed master and download its config and the mesh credentials. Once the master reports that the 2nd AP is online and operational, you can then disconnect the 2nd AP and move it to the remote end. The outdoor APs come with a one year warranty and purchase of an advance replacement support plan for each AP is required if you want continued warranty. The support plan needs to be purchased now and you need to renew as required to maintain warranty coverage.