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Rukus heartbeat loss

New Contributor

I have two rukus access points and every twelve hours I get a heartbeat loss message. I have restarted and unplugged my system several times and updated firmware. None of this has resolved the issues. Can someone help? Thanks!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Tspilinek 
Heartbeat loss occurs when there is a communication issue between the AP and controller.
Is this happening for all the APs?
Is this happening at a specific time?
If yes, can you login to the AP at the time of issue and check the below details?
    a. Ping the controller and see if the response is fine.
    b. AP is not rebooting.
    c. AP is still connected to the controller from the command "get scg" (If SZ\vSZ) or "get director" (If ZD)

Hello. Yes this is happening to all AP at the same time. Every 12 hours exactly. I pinged and everything is fine. What is the controller? Is that the switch? 

Hi @Tspilinek 
Are you using Zone director, Smartzone or Unleashed setup?


I am not sure what you mean. I have had this set up for four years and this just started here in the last two weeks with the heartbeat message. I use the rukus unleashed app and the web unleashed.