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Ruckus Unleashed WPA3-Enterprise with Local Database

New Contributor III

I have Ruckus unleashed setup at home

Currently i use 802.11 authorisation and use WPA2/WPA3 encryption

Unfortunately, all my wireless clients connects with WPA2  encryption

I can use WPA3, but with open autorisation. 

When i try to switch wpa3+802.11 -i can't use local user database (only 6 users), but it works as 802.11+wpa2

Is it software issue or something missing in my config?




First of all not all client devices support the WPA3. 

For example the following WLAN devices and operating systems currently support WPA3:

  • Windows 10 from version 1903 in combination with WPA3-compatible WLAN adapter.
  • iPhone 11 iOS and iPadOS from version 13
  • Android 10 in combination with a WPA3-compatible smartphone or tablet. (for example Samsung S10, A41 ..)

And lastly in most cases client devices will not change the WLAN profile automatically. You need to delete the profile at the device an connect it to the WLAN again.


Yes. all done

all client devices works fine with WPA3, but question about 802.1x + WPA3.

In Ruckus Unleashed web-interface i can't select 802.1x+WPA3+Local database. Only external Radius server

But pure WPA3 with no autorization or  802.1x+WPA2+Local database works fine


Hi @anton_kuzmin 

Dot1x with WPA3 encryption using Local Database does not work (Unleashed and ZD) as this is by design. You can though contact the SE to raise a feature request but the roadmap would not be easy since such information tend to go through multiple iterations with the development team before hitting the board. 

Best Regards