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Ruckus Unleashed R510's constant heartbeat loss

New Contributor III
I moved into a new construction home about 6 months ago (amazon smart home) that came with three Ruckus AP's. I am experiencing heartbeat loss about every hour. It becomes difficult to work. I have been on the phone with ruckus customer support for months trying to figure out the heartbeat loss issue and i have gotten no where. We replaced the switch and that has not helped. We have updated the firmware. We have ran tests for over 24 hours. Have gotten no where and I still have constant heartbeat loss issue.

Can anyone help how we can have a steady wireless connection without our wifi disconnecting every hour? This issue is driving me insane.

It sounds like your access point is connected via Ethernet cable back to the switch. POE is Powered Over Ethernet, where the access point’s power and data is received over the same single Ethernet cable. You can buy a new Ethernet cable from amazon, monoprice is a good brand. I would suggest this just to determine if the current Ethernet cable is “bad”. In the meantime, I would check your IP settings of the access points by logging into the Unleashed master AP. Do you know how to do that? 

Here is the IP setting of my AP'sImage_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247acd3af_d9876b86df815047e2ebf66a6a837592_RackMultipart20200322900121327-b61f79bb-3e6c-4064-88ad-f86db02f4298-1850270800.PNG1584839789

It looks like the issue is with the switch, not the access points, since it shows the switch as disconnected. What are the IP settings on the switch? 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247acd9e2_2b0c1e781014518922d00daba68ab948_RackMultipart202003221229235q4-e2b61d85-85a9-46e3-b88a-afcaa756cf78-1913086063.PNG1584840812
This is what it says on the switch. Any advice?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247acdcec_77f3e866732713b13682135623fd48f7_RackMultipart2020032216338b914-ddc552d1-d5a3-4842-8e03-47f6920d9ff5-51676169.jpg1584840878
Also here is my set up. Which wires do I change out?
Thanks for your help. Its much appreciated.