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Ruckus R730 - what happened to supporting their product?

New Contributor III

I just purchased a used ruckus R730 after not doing my homework only to find out it doesn't support ruckus unleasehed.  On top of that, they want me to be a premium support user to download the latest solo firmware (Solo Access Point

What gives? I thought that Ruckus products were supposed to be well supported?  My R720 has unleashed, why not the R730 that I just paid $700 used for? Can we at least get the latest version of the far inferior Solo firmware to the public.  Obviously we have already spent money on the AP, why do we need to purchase "premium support" when you could just stand behind your products from the get go.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @nick_s,

Let me get the link fixed.

All solo images are supposed to be available without premium support.

I will update you, once this is done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Contributor II

Hello, you should be able to download the solo code with a ruckus support portal account.

The R730 was a special release, pre-WiFi6 and hence development was limited to the controller platforms.  It was replaced by R850 which is Certified WiFi6.  The R730 has not been sold for quite a while now, did you purchase from an authorized reseller?

New Contributor III

No I purchased it used because there is no way I can spend $1500 on a R850 for in the house, it was bad enough to spend $700 on a used access point.  If it was a special release and Ruckus had no intentions of supporting it, why was it even put into the market?  Again we are back to not actually supporting your product.

Contributor II

I think an R730/R850 for a home is way overkill unless you have several hundred clients to connect to a single AP.  You might be better served to return/replace the R730 with a single (or maybe 2 depending on the property layout) entry or mid range AP such as an R350 or maybe R550 but even that may be overkill.

We have deployed the high end in places like convention centres or other Large Venues where thousands of users will be connected to the WiFi.

Whoever suggested an R850 for home did not provide sound advice.

R730 is still supported on all the platforms it was released on, it just never had Unleashed software.

New Contributor III

Yes a R730 and even my R720 are likely "overkill" for my house, but I was tired of having constant connection and roaming issues with my Asus mesh setup.  The reason I am upgrading from my R720 is because of the lack of AX support.  Regardless of the opinion as to what is overkill, it would be nice to have continued support of this "high end" product.  Can we normal users at least get the latest version of the solo firmware if you guys won't support unleashed?