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Ruckus R710 Low Power Alert

New Contributor II
I have 3 brand new Ruckus R710 deployed in an office of 25 users.
I have a Netgear GS324PP powering them, and have used the same set up before but for some reason I'm seeing alerts on each WAP showing that it's not getting enough power, but the requirements show that it only needs 25W to function. My switch is POE+ so it's putting out 30W per port for them.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

LLDP is always the reason! 

Sorry LLDP is the reason why it works? I'm very green when it comes to networking, which is why I'm having issues with this.

If this is unleashed, Did you go into the web GUI and change the POE setting for each AP from the default AUTO to 802.11at?

Esteemed Contributor II
I was going to suggest one AP into each of the 3 8-port sections of the Netgear switch, just to spread the load, from the past experiences Andrew recalled above.

New Contributor II
I tried doing that and it didnt work. I actually have the last AP on its own switch but they all say that they have low power. I did see that Andrew had no issues running the APs with the startech which at most gives 30W.