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Ruckus R710 Low Power Alert

New Contributor II
I have 3 brand new Ruckus R710 deployed in an office of 25 users.
I have a Netgear GS324PP powering them, and have used the same set up before but for some reason I'm seeing alerts on each WAP showing that it's not getting enough power, but the requirements show that it only needs 25W to function. My switch is POE+ so it's putting out 30W per port for them.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

Contributor III
How does the netgear advertize power to the APs? Also, does the Net gear show to be overdrawn at all? have you moved the ports away from each other (i.e ap in port 1, ap in port 12, ap in port 24). Years ago we had Cisco switches which would fail to provide proper power if you "grouped" your high consumers on the same group of ports (1-12). 

New Contributor II
There's no alert showing that the switch is over drawn. I did however find that Ruckus reccomended a POE injector that was 60W, but I wanted to see if anyone else had the same issue before or had to purchase the POE injectors at twice the wattage that the WAPS say they need to run

Check the recent thread below. The first post and probably the last couple might help.

Not enough electricity power provided with AP warning?

Contributor III
How Interesting. I spot-checked a few APs and see that I'm running 25w per AP. The ap reports no problem and has plenty of power. the AP and switch negotiated Power via LLDP.

Have you checked the cable runs by chance? the further they're run, the more power is lost to the AP. 

To answer your question, yes, I have purchased POE injectors where I'm unable to feed them properly with the switches on site.  Typically I use StarTech 4 port injector and do know that the unit cannot provide AT on all 4 ports reliably( but should work well for your need to power 3 APs).

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