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Ruckus R700 5.2 Firmware

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

Can someone help me to get Ruckus AP R700 firmware 5.2

I need to downgrade my AP because the firmware is not compatible with my controller.

I cannot upgrade or downgrade the controller because i have more than 200 APs running on firmware 5.2 connected.

Please help someone to get firmware 5.2 





Contributor II

The highest firmware available for the R700 is 5.1.2.

If you upgraded your controller from 3.6 or 5.1 then you can put the R700 into a Zone with 3.6 or 5.1 firmware. Assuming you're on vSZ-E then either change your Default Zone's AP firmware (if it's empty), or setup an AP Registration Rule.

If you directly installed 5.2 then you need to install the 3.6.2 AP Patch first.