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Wireless Bridge P300 performance issues

New Contributor


We've got a pair of P300 bridges and we're having some issues with performance for devices on the other side of the bridge. If I ping the nearside root bridge IP then response is good, but if I ping the IP of the non-root bridge (and anything behind it) then the response time is generally very poor - high ping times and lots of packet loss. Other times (not very often though!) the response time is a lot better.

It's on channel 136 80MHz wide. Root shows the connected device as Rx RSSI 60 and ACK RSSI 61 and high signal strength.

A site survey scan from the root doesn't show any other APs. And on the non-root the survey I'm not seeing any APs on overlapping channels.

I just ran a speedflex test from the root and it shows root -> nonroot 33Mb/s throughput and 0% packetloss and non-root -> root 1.46Mb/s with 23% packetloss. But again, I've seen this a lot higher when the non-bridge is responding at a faster rate.

Devices are running and line of sight between the 2 bridges looks clear from the photos I've received from site.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.