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R650 locking pin

New Contributor

I picked up a used R650 ( obviously no warranty support there ) and went to mount it to the mounting plate my R610 used.  The security/locking pin is extremely rough and while I can get it to open I don't feel like I would be able to release it later on when it comes time to replace it.

Does anyone know what the proper tool is for this AP and where I can get it for a reasonable cost?  If there isn't a proper tool I was thinking that I could open the AP and maybe apply a tiny bit of oil or grease on the locking mechanism but it looks like it has a security torx screw.  Does anyone know what size or type of screw these are?



New Contributor

For anyone curious a T15 security Torx bit will remove the housing screws.  However, the main board seems to be sealed to the aluminum housing with what is probably a thermal paste/epoxy or similar ( or I missed some hidden screws ) on top of the labelled 15 philips screws, it's a fairly moot point as the locking mechanism is not accessible for lubrication or removal.  I may be stuck with hanging this on the ceiling off a single screw and hoping it doesn't get dislodged at some point.