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Ruckus 7372 Radius Re-Authentication

New Contributor
I recently got my hand on a Ruckus 7372 Accesspoint and have an issue with it.
I have a SSID which authenticates users against a Windows server 2012 R2 NPS Server. The authentication process works just fine but...
Some accounts have restricted Loginhours. For example, John Doe is only allowed to login between 7 am - 10 am.
Now, If that user login during this time Everything works well and if the user perform a login outside the timerange, access is denied which allso is fine.
But! if the user login say 9 am he can still use the wireless network at 11:15( which is how long i waited until i asked the question here ).

On other AP ́s i ́m used to set a re-authentication time in seconds which forces a re-authentication against the NPS server which then disconnects the user when the logon hours have expired.
This is a setting i can not find in the Ruckus AP. I have spoken with our distributor which is a Ruckus CWNA about this and he does not know about that setting either.
Can someone shed a light ont this issue?
The AP is pretty much useless in these kind of Environments without this parameter.

/Jeroen Makkinje