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New Contributor II
Anyone got their first hand testing out the new T300? I Look at the spec and compare with current model. One thing i don't understand is that the T300 only has 2:2 verse current model has 3:3 data stream.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Tary,

Looking at its specs here - http://a030f85c1e25003d7609-b98377aee...

its a Dual band concurrent 2 x 2:2 stream AP so it can't be 3 stream AP or may be i am missing the point somewhere.

Is your testing saying that its a 3 stream AP?

New Contributor II
I know the T300 is a 2x2 streams. I just don't understand why it's not using 3x3. We are trying to get hold a demo and test the actual hardware against the old model which has 3x3 streams.

I wonder if anyone here already tested out the new T300.

Valued Contributor II
I presume that considering that the T300 is an outdoor AP, the primary goal is to provide coverage for mobile users (phones and tablets), which usually are 2 stream at most, and many are 1 stream. There might not be much of an advantage to increasing the cost to make a 3 stream unit for outdoor applications.

It is 2x2 and have a few out. They are operating fantastic with great range. I highly recommend you always install the T300 dome down. Waiting for the T301s to come out for some applications I am working on as well.