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Configure the New AP

New Contributor
Dear Friend,

We have two ZONEFLEX 2942 ACCESS POINT and one RUKUS WIRELESS ZD 1000.We decide to add another AP for extend the coverage of Wi-fi,We don't have Power adapter for this AP.We just plugged the AP on POE port of the switch and insert ethernet port(10/100/1000) to computer.I already configured the ip address( to my comuter.

But i can't access my AP using (

please help us to give solution of this issue.

Thanks& Regards,

Esteemed Contributor II
The default IP address for ZoneDirector is

The default IP for an AP is The first AP to join the ZD will connect.
Subsequent APs with the same default IP address will not.

If you have a small network, you can use the DHCP server on the ZoneDirector
for APs and trusted WLAN clients (who will be able to see your ZD/APs).

From the Configure/System page, find the DHCP Server section, and enable the
server, with a range of IP addresses that do not include your ZoneDirector's IP,
like from for 99 IPs.

Esteemed Contributor II
To talk to the ZD and APs, give your PC a hard-coded (not .1 or .2) IP.