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Recommended AP for Apartment Blocks 100 units

New Contributor II
Hey guys, looking for some direction on which AP would suffice for broadcasting to 100 units split into 6 blocks. See image of the layout attached. I was thinking of starting with 1 AP on top of roof block 1 which is the highest points. I am not sure which device and how many would be required, would I be needing a mesh setup or laying cables to each AP? 

New to the WiFi AP outdoor setups. Thank you in advance

Esteemed Contributor II
You should have a chat with your local VAR to discuss your project goals.
The attachment isn't visible, but one outdoor AP would not suffice for 100
units of appartments in 6 blocks.  You likely need at least one indoor AP in
each appartment block, depending upon wall materials/density and your

New Contributor II
Seems to be a problem with the post. See link that shows images. Thanks Michael.